FAQs About the Inn

I. Why is it called "Bold Colorful Life Inn"?  A Bold Colorful Life is a state of mind---we know who we are and live authentically; we choose to do the things we are passionate about; we surround ourselves with colorful people who reflect our lifestyle and values; and we create and spend time in environments that stimulate the very best we have to give to the world around us.

The Bold Colorful Life theme is inspired by love of nature and beauty and art, by love of adventure and exploration;  and it's grounded in spiritual awareness and growth.
By building this inn, your hosts are following a bold colorful dream. Come join us for a day, a weekend, a week, one of our Retreats, a life adventure!

II. What is the property like? Bold Colorful Life Inn is situated on an enchanting old salt farm on 15 acres of waterfront fields, woods, stone walls, apple trees, lilac trees and gardens. If you can take your eyes off the breathtaking panorama, you'll notice that the 'compound' consists of four New England-style buildings: a Maine farmhouse, attached to an historic barn, with views of the Back River and a large freshwater pond; a charming garden shed with garden and picket fence nearby; an 1800s Cape nestled amongst the apple trees on the southern end of the ridge; and a 1700s barn, now the Bold Colorful Life Gallery.

The buildings sit on a 15 acre ledge-covered clearing on a hillside of woods and meadows, approximately 800 feet above a cove on the rocky shoreline of the Back River, an offshoot of the mighty Sheepscot. From the porches of both houses, you can look northwesterly to the Back River and farms across the river.

How can we choose between the two houses?
THE FARMHOUSE: The main house is new, but has the soul of an historic place as it is built partially of wood rescued from 200 year old buildings on this site and another. It is designed as a traditional Maine farmhouse on the outside, with porches and dormers and gardens. Inside, the first floor holds a large kitchen and dining area, which faces the river; a cozy media room with the latest technology, and a handicap-accessible bedroom and bath. On the second floor, there are four bedrooms with private baths--two which face the river and the sunsets, (and which also face the pond) and two which face the porch and gardens, both warmed by the sunrise.

The main house is attached to an historic barn, over 200 years old,  which was lovingly taken down from its original site in North Waldoboro and rebuilt here. It is known as the Homer Jones barn, the Waldoboro man who built it. On the first floor of the barn, the two-story Great Room connects to the dining area, with spectacular views to the west. The rooms share a two-story Maine chimney with a see-through gas fireplace which warms both rooms. Above it is a gathering area for tea, cocktails and conversation, with an overlook to the Great Room and sunset views. All are invited to enjoy the Great Room, dining room, kitchen, Media room, front porch, back porch and deck.

THE CAPE: The historic 1800s Cape was moved from its original foundation when that foundation threatened to collapse, and has been completely renovated in its new site--with a wrap-around deck, large front porch and dormers. It is tucked in a glade filled with lilies of the valley and Ladyslippers, apple trees and hummingbirds. On the first floor is one sunny bedroom with private bath, especially convenient for those who avoid climbing stairs. This room looks out over the courtyard and off to the river. A country kitchen, living room with working fireplace and dining room join it on the first floor. The kitchen looks out over the side deck to the barn Gallery and off to the river.  The dining room has a view of the shade garden and the river. Upstairs are three additional bedrooms, all with private baths, each with its own unique personality. Two have courtyard and river views, one has a private view of our serene shade garden and a bath with a clawfoot tub that looks out past apple trees to the barn Gallery and the river. There is also a cozy Computer Corner with WiFi computer for guests to connect with the 'outer world'. All are invited to enjoy the computer corner, living room, dining room, kitchen, front porch and deck.
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IV. What's fun to do outside at the Inn? The Inn has 300 feet of water frontage on the Back River. The river empties and refills every six hours and wildlife is profuse. At half and high tide, you can swim, paddle, canoe, fish or just sit and admire the activity of the river. Borrow a boat and paddle out to explore the area.  Here's an aerial view of the estate in early spring.

At low tide, you will often see dozens of birds on the uncovered islands and ledges, and day or night you might hear the haunting call of the loons. There are half a dozen seals who like to play in our cove and this stretch of the Back River. A pair of bald eagles are nesting at the northern end of Tibbetts Island (about an 1/8 of a mile down river) and they regularly swoop overhead, looking for lunch.
From the benches on our walkway, you can watch lobstermen tending their traps in the open channel from dawn till dusk. You can meditate on the sunrise, watch the seals play in the cove, track osprey and seabirds as they wheel overhead. If you're very lucky, you will see our resident porcupine, who resides at the edge of the forest, our Maine painted turtles who sun on their log in the freshwater pond or the myriad of frogs who leap quickly into the water there, and our red fox who dances on the snow-covered winter lawn. You will almost definitely see our deer at dusk and we've seen moose prints on the property on two occasions in the fall. Worn out from all the fresh air? Relax in a hammock or a rocking chair. More ideas here.

 Where can we walk and hike and enjoy Maine's natural beauty? Walking and climbing along the property’s hiking trails and through the gardens, you will see apple and cherry and plum trees, protected Ladyslippers, chokecherry and lilac bushes, perennial gardens galore, all set off handsomely by hemlocks and cathedral pines. Walk or drive around the corner onto Dover Cross road, and you can enter the Ovens Mouth Preserve and continue your hiking along the rocky cliffs of the Ovens Mouth, which connects the Back River with Cross River. Drive a little further, and you can visit any of the other 15 preserves on the Boothbay peninsula, the Central Maine Botanical Garden (just four miles away!), and Boothbay Harbor's or other nearby attractions. Walking sticks are available for loan. More ideas here.

VI. What's fun to do inside at the Inn? The Inn is equipped with all sorts of entertainment for quiet nights and rainy days. Hundreds of books, dozens of movies, lots of games and puzzles await you; borrow some art supplies and create your own Maine work of art. Relax in a porch chair. Play the baby grand piano in the Great Room. Every room has a TV with cable access; snacks are available every afternoon--including fruit and cookies, tea, coffee, soda, and hot chocolate. More ideas here.

VII. What kinds of things can we find in the Bold Colorful Life Gallery? The Gallery holds all kinds of bold and colorful artwork and gifts...something for everyone who visits...and memorable gifts for their loved ones.

          colorful, elegant jewelry.... There is nothing that says more about who you are and how you're feeling about life than the colorful, elegant jewelry you choose to wear!

  stunning natural photographs....Are you ready to surround yourself with things you love, that bring you joy, that state who you are, that add color to every corner of your life? Choose a stunning natural photograph to add color and beauty to your home or office.

and   dramatic works of art to bring landscape beauty into your personal environment. 

VIII. What makes it a romantic destination? Read the full story.

IX. I heard it was going to be a Retreat Center. What will that include?
Read the full story about the Bold Colorful Life Retreat Center

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